Realized to offer a construction method that dose not impact the environment

Brands influence social issues and politics (Brand activism) and,
how to use the social issues for marketing. The time we think about that has come.

We think, the issues are very crucial as a company engaged in architecture industry.

Scrap-and-build, that dismantles existing buildings and build new ones, is extremely hard to pursue sustainability but the waste loads great impact on the environment.

Then, we established【Reusable architectural system】that can be a construction method to contribute to the sustainability offer it so as to be used as wider as possible.

“Reusable architecture”= ECO BUILD is a hole card to work out the social issues in architecture.

This construction method has four major characteristics

It can have various sustainable effects compared to traditional architecture.

Feature – 01

Comparing to the conventional construction methods,

Far lightning the burden to the environment

Greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions accounted in manufacturing and construction industries in Japan are 30%. Among them, steel manufacturing industry occupies 12%.

Therefore, reduction of the steel materials usage! Adoption of less environmental impacted construction method, are essential for reducing the burden on the global environment.

Feature – 02

Comparing to the conventional construction methods,

Amazing building that can be reused

The architecture must have been thought with the process,

the material procurement 〜 construction 〜 operation 〜 dismantlement 〜 disposal

before this epoch-making construction method was developed.
Although buildings are getting long-lived thanks to the technological advancement,

the actual state is, buildings are planned to be almost disposable, dismantled and scrapped, as scrap-and-build is considered the problem.

Feature – 03

Comparing to the conventional construction methods,

Foundation to gently make consideration to the ground

Lots of functions are required for the “Subgrade” such as
support functions, water-retaining functions, ventilation functions, and water purification functions.

“Subgrade” has been recognized as one of the important components of the environment in recent years.

The consideration to the environment and endeavor to reduce the environmental impact to the subgrade
should be required in the basic design as well.

Feature – 04

Comparing to the conventional construction methods,

the construction period can get shorter and the environmental impact during the period can get reduced in the period

Impacts to the surroundings are not little like vibration and noise in construction works.

Construction period today may often get longer accompanied with larger tendency of buildings in recent years so the total environmental impact can get larger along.

Construction period shortening should be crucial as well in order to reduce the environmental impact.

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Activity area of TOKYO ODYSSEY LTD.

To aim at contribution to a society where all people can really feel “Happy”

We, TOKYO ODYSSEY, have been working as a design group focusing on commercial facilities for approximately 40 years since its foundation.

We have been creating any places where the consumers can meet up with any surprises and excitements reflecting the design trends shifted in each era the technologies developed
from Showa, Heisei to Reiwa along to building architectures and interior designs.

Along opening of Reiwa Era, “New sense of values”, “New lives” and whatever life largely different from the society in the past have been starting.

From the time being now onwards, we are proposing any designs that people can feel “Happy” there in combination between the know-how we have cultivated and any new technologies.